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MMA Renewable Ventures
MMA Renewable Ventures is a U.S. based firm that coordinates the financing, installation, and operation of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency projects. The company’s activities include: Identifying qualified customers (minimum 250-300 kW system for solar, 3 MW
for wind)
Performing site evaluations and initiating system approval processes Sourcing and installing equipment
Providing finished, fully operational systems Providing ongoing operations and maintenance services under contract.
MMA finances, owns and operates the energy efficiency assets on behalf of its customers. Payments are made on the savings made at an agreed rate. At the end of the contract, the customer can choose to renew the contract or buy the assets. While most of its USD500 million portfolio is in developed countries, the company is seeking opportunities to invest in developing countries and will finance companies in the U.S. that will make investments in renewable energy projects in developing

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