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LetzwApp app to change your number to the number of your second mobile

LetzwApp App

LetzwApp app which is pronounced "Let's Swap", is an app that helps to change your number so your contacts can always reach you. It basically works like a call diverting app. What happens is that in a case of low battery, you can use the LetzwApp app to change your number to the number of your second mobile or your land line.
What the LetzwApp app does is replace the old number with the new number you've inserted so whenever your contacts call, it diverts to the new number you have changed to. Therefore, wherever you are in the world at any time, or anyday, your contacts can always reach you. LetzwApp is like a bank verification number that links all your mobile numbers so you can always be reachable.

System Build
The system build of the LetzwApp contains a:

Refresh Button: This is where system contacts can be refreshed.

Display for Current Number: This is where the current number in use is displayed.

Profile Edit Button/Menu: This menu is at the top of the LetzwApp interface, where there is a welcome note with the name of the user alongside the edit button. For example if the user’s name is SAM, then the welcome note will be: “HELLO SAM”.

Account Info Menu/ Button: This contains every information that pertains to the account.

Change Number Menu/ Button: This is where the number change/swapping process is carried out. This process can be done for as many times as the user desires.

Help: This is where the user is guided and given the basic details they require to be able to use the app seamlessly.

Activity Log Menu: The activity log menu contains the changed number and the dummy number.

Changed Number Menu: The changed number menu holds details of the old number that has been changed.

Dummy Number Menu: The dummy number is a number that LetzwApp assigns to the contacts of the user when the user do not want his or her number to be saved by other contacts. The dummy number menu holds details of the dummy number of the user.

Benefits of having the LetzwApp App
Emergency: It is really useful in every extreme case of emergency as your contacts can easily reach you on your alternative mobile number.

Swap Infinity: There's no limitation to the number of times you can swap your number, you can do it again and again, till infinity.

Cloud Connection: Every swap or process of contacts is automatically updated in the phonebook directory which in turn is updated on the icloud or Google cloud.

Free Download: The LetzwApp app is available for free download at the Google play store and IOS store, Therefore anywhere you are in the world with the access of internet, an Android or IOS phone, you can access the free download.

Dummy Number: With the dummy number, you can keep and have privacy of your mobile numbers.

Search Button: You can search your contacts and have easy access to their numbers.

GUI: The interface of the LetzwApp app is so user friendly and easy-to-navigate that at a glance you will be interested in keeping the app.

Security: With the LetzwApp app there's lot of updating of contact information especially online. Each time when a new number is assigned, there will be an OTP (2-Factor Authentication).

Check the LetzwApp presentation on YouTube for more details.

Available for Free on Appstore and Google Play

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