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Green IT Professional Certification : IFGICT Green ICT Standard

An interview with Green ICT Standard's TCO "Mr.Michael Ford Jr", Time Business News: by Edmond Roger.

Why IT experts should become Green IT Professional Certified?

1. The demand for GREEN IT PROFESSIONAL is on the rise.

The workforce market for GREEN IT PROFESSIONAL has already started to experience magnificent growth, and substantiation of this can be seen in major management consulting firms, of a study showing that demand for GREEN IT PROFESSIONAL in the U.S. expanded.

2. The industry demand for GREEN IT PROFESSIONAL is limitless.

While approximations differ from region to region, the UNFCCC encourage Climate Change mechanism to better industry.

3. The made environment will show an significant part in engaging climate change, and GREEN IT PROFESSIONAL are desired to sustenance a decrease in developing emissions and energy consumption for Green ICT.

Because of the enormous role which the made environment shows in emitting greenhouse gases and the significance of decreasing its global carbon footprint, it is obvious that there can be no guiding explanation to climate change that does not include affected reductions in building emissions and energy consumption.

4.Future CEOs will hire Green IT Professional Certified next to other professional certifications

Future CEOs will start hiring IT managers, IT engineers & IT specialist not only who are holding other professional certifications (like CCIE, Oracle , Red Hat…etc) but also who are holding Green IT Professional certification, it is essential to CEO in order to manage a great IT department or ICT strategy, to understand how energy and consumption for ICT / Data center are well managed.

What he/she will earn?

Applicants that successfully guru the course material and pass the examination earn recognized certification as Green IT Professional

Who can register?

Originated to be favorable to IT leaders and managers. The Green IT professional course material is necessary awareness for career success as Leading Sustainability Officer. There is also increasing need for professionals in, business development managers, and consulting who are familiar about sustainability for ICT.

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