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The Emerging Clean Energy Economy: Customer-Driven. Modernized. Reliable.

The Power Grid of the Future: Choice, Innovation, Opportunity, and Challenge Amidst the profound shift underway in the electric power industry, today’s customers are increasingly seeking choice in how they manage their energy. They are adopting distributed energy resources (DERs)—rooftop solar, onsite energy storage, electric vehicles, and energy management systems—to achieve cost savings, cleaner energy, conservation, and enhanced reliability. In response, the industry has begun an era of reinvention to enable these choices and create a clean, reliable energy future. California is at the forefront of the power system transformation toward a cleaner, more diverse future with reduced carbon emissions. The state is home to 50 percent of the nation’s private solar systems—more than half a million businesses and homes.i It boasts more than 200,000 plug-in
electric vehicles (PEV)—40 percent of the nation’s PEV sales—with a goal of 1.5 million by 2025.ii With proper support, DERs will not only benefit individual customers, but also could contribute significantly to local economies, clean energy, and grid resiliency The path suggested in this report leads to a modern electricity distribution grid and enhanced utility capabilities that will be vital to facilitating these choices and helping customers maximize their investments—while improving the reliability and affordability of the grid for everyone. Decisions made now on how to embrace this change will have profound implications for how the energy grid adapts to meet consumer needs and reduce carbon emissions for the rest of the twenty-first century

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