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Record label bosses Jack & James Brooker weigh in on 2018 Grammys

London based record label bosses Jack Brooker and James Brooker this week sat down with NewsNY to discuss what they thought of this year’s Grammy’s.

The pair who head up leading label Row Productions weighed in on the 60th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony which was held on January 28 in Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The brothers told us:

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Competitive Strategies that can make you a Leader of the Industry

Author: Jean Richard Franck, M.A

      Nowadays, people prefer to run their own businesses instead of doing a job. For this reason, it does not matter if you have an ecommerce store or brick and mortar business. What is necessary is that you need to be competitive in order to be successful in the business you venture into.                        

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Author: Jean Richard Franck, M.A


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Financial analysis when starting up a new Business

Author: Jean Richard Franck, M.A


You want to start a new business?

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New Children’s Book Sets Stage for End to Male Dominance in STEM Related Careers

HOUSTON, TX (January 20, 2017) – The days of men dominating STEM related careers is likely numbered following the launch of a new book inspiring children to pursue STEM related careers. The new book, Marisol: A Little Girl with a Big Dream, is an engaging and empowering story about a little Latina girl harbouring big career dreams unbeknownst to her mother. No one in Marisol’s family had ever dared to dream big, so she is hesitant to share her dreams with her mother because she is uncertain of how her mom will react.

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When it comes to tremendous luxury sites then it is BharatCity.

Before you start trying to work out which direction the property market is headed, you should be aware that there are markets within markets, Bharat City or Bharatcity, is the new project and one of best of BCC group, BCC group based out of Delhi and have about 6.5 million sq.ft. of under development projects, and 2.5 million sq.ft. area has been already developed in portfolio.

2091 Viewed Approx. : New Exciting Blog Portal trendy news blog that targets millennials. Focusing on social news and entertainment, the secret the 's success has a lot to do with the lots of articles that get published on their platform and end up often going viral. It really took off as a brand and news blog of its own when it started publishing serious news and long-form journalism on topics like technology, business, politics and more.

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LetzwApp app to change your number to the number of your second mobile

LetzwApp App

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KSF Space, finally released the world's first "NEP Certification” NanoSatellite Engineering Professional

KSF Space, finally released the world's first "NEP Certification” NanoSatellite Engineering Professional Nanosatellite Engineering Professional Certificate: NEP is the world’s first and only program of curriculum developed by engineering professionals from the KSF Space Foundation that is targeted for universities, startup companies and all of the space industry worldwide to enlighten engineers, teachers and students on construction and development of your ve

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Blue Ocean Strategy: Creating Your Own Market: 4DBC Group

What if your business could be in a league of its own? Instead of competing with others in your industry, what if you were setting the pace, creating unique products and profiting from lucrative new markets? Generating that kind of environment is the goal of blue ocean strategy, a business theory that suggests companies are better off searching for ways to gain "uncontested market space" than engaging in traditional competition. What if you could set the own pace of your business, creating unique products and profiting from lucrative new markets?

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